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The heroine of this game was not lucky to meet with the thief when she came to work in a non-working day.

Now she is tied up and she needs to find a way to free.

Key Features:

Unique controls of the tied up character.

38 levels with different conditions.

3 game locations.

Settings colors clothing and binding elements.


Hold the key Q or mouse wheel - twist head with mouse.


Before buying, you can try a free demo version.


Warning: When you first start the game, there may be small image problems. Just restart the game or change the graphics settings and restart the game.


System Requirements:


OS: Windows 64-bit

Processor: Intel i3

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB VRAM

Storage: 10 GB available space


OS: Windows 10 64-bit

Processor: Intel i5

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660

Storage: 10 GB available space

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(44 total ratings)
GenreAction, Simulation
Tagsbdsm, bondage, did, Erotic, escape, Escape Game, Female Protagonist, gagged, LGBT


Buy Now$8.99 USD or more

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So you can't remove underwear anymore... Why exactly? Can you at least post an older version of the game that still has that option? Incredibly disappointed to have gone through all those levels to unlock that option, now all the time and effort I put into the game is wasted for me. 


If I buy your patreon will there be forced overtime but with the parking and dungeon maps?


Great and interesting game.what is your future plan with the game? Suggestion different level can have different occupation.

Rich housewife-home invasion 

Classic office lady

Sexy policegirl 

Cute kidnapped journalist or therapyst

Sexy hiker.

And level location

Office,mansion,abandoned factory or hospital,forest.

different antagonist:


or horror thematic levels

Photoreporter visit the abandoned mansion and captured by demonic toys

Hiker captured and chassing by cultist.

Antagonist recaptured the girl and more times you catch it  then he completely tied up  the woman : mumified or  hogtie he locks himself in the closet or tied up for the toilet and locks the door or tied up and blindfold the woman and throws in into the van

All level final difficult challenge 

Antagonist set  explosion or burning down the mansion 

Win or fail different cutscene

more clothing and lingerie type

more gags and bindig method:zip tie,handcuff,

Sorry my bad english and this game the best bondage game ever.


I feel cheated by you that you took out the birthday suit option from all versions of the game. I've supported you by buying most of your games, and I feel absolutely cheated. People are pissed, please don't keep quiet and actually talk to your community over at steam. 

How am I supposed to play the game if it doesn't work when I launch it?


Download and unzip the archive. If the game does not launch, then I will not help you. Try to buy the Steam version. Steam will automatically download DirectX, and other components, and the game is likely to launch.

If nothing helps, then you can a refund here and in Steam.

Deleted 54 days ago

Unfortunately, your graphics card does not have enough memory. But in steam, users have found a solution: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1656680/discussions/0/3052862273805579754/.

Use at your own risk.

Just installed the game today and every time I complete level 4, it takes me to the level select screen and level 5 stays locked. Anyone else having this issue? 


Everything works for me. Maybe you downloaded the demo version?

Great game! One little request for a future update - although the assailant's outfit is an unlockable, as far as I know her mask isn't - could that be added too?


Hi, I want to ask one thing. Are the underwear checkboxes (bra/undies) still available in your game? Mine's not there anymore.


It's not anymore. A lot of people on steam are saying the same thing and they are not happy about it. 

Me neither, but if it's coz of author reworking for the next update, I wont mind. Tho I dont see any news update, might check out on his DA.

I sure hope so. It was really disappointing because when I saw the update, I thought more content was going to be added to the game, but then the dev removed the one of the selling points of the game. I hope this feature gets returned in the next update.


I absolutely love this game. But today I found out the underwear option is gone for both bra and undie. Was there a recent update for this? I bought it on steam btw

Very good game. That's a good idea and the mechanics are really original.

I must be a lot of work to create all of this.

Perhaps an option to out the gag on the customisation menu can be interesting, with different struggles/groans sounds when the main character is gagged or not. Because, the muffled sound are REALLY boring since four or five levels...


I have this game on the Steam Deck. It works absolutely perfectly EXCEPT for one big issue. Entering either the settings menu or the customization menu causes the system to reboot. 

This is sad because customization is one of the fun parts of this game. 

Obviously I realise this game was not built for the Deck, and so I'm not entitled to have it work flawlessly, but it's a big shame because the gameplay is perfect on the deck and it runs buttery smooth. 

Does have anyone have idea why it causes the system to reboot like that? Maybe the dev will read this and might have an idea? 



Unfortunately, the game is not designed for Steam Deck. So run it at your own risk. And it's better not to risk it.

I don't have the opportunity to test the game on Steam Deck yet.

Hi Alex

Thank you for your reply. And thank you for the amazing game. :) 

If you have the opportunity to test it on the Steam Deck I highly recommend it. In game it runs incredibly smoothly, and it feels really natural to play with a controller. In fact I think it feels better than KB&M.

There's just something about the settings menu, and customization menu, that the steam deck doesn't like sadly. 

Anyway, thanks again.

Is there any way to play this on android?


Can you add the vibrator in next update? It will be more interesting


Want to say, I really love the concept of this game, playing as the tied up gal and struggling to untie yourself and escape, just, everything just gels well together into one nice, bondage package, heh.

I've been showing this game around, hope it's gotten you more people following you.

I wanted to maybe suggest something regarding possible bondage-related stuff you could add to this game or any future one you'd work on: Something related to bags/sacks, perhaps?

Guess could be similar to when you get tape-mummified, the woman is put inside a bag/sack while tied up, the bag is then closed, and you have to struggle both to get out and untie yourself after. Is something I really love, and would love to see in an interactive form, but I imagine it'd be a nightmare to code, like, with making sure the cloth doesn't clip through the woman and stretches/bulges correctly... I'd love to see it happen, but well, it is up to you, eh.

Could see that, if you fail enough times, the bag is then tied up to the ceiling or something and you're left hanging inside of it as a sorta game-over scenario, or maybe if you struggle enough you manage to make the bag fall and then can try escape...

Well, in any case, amazing work on this, hope to see more bondage-goodness from you in the future.

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I've now done all 38 levels and this is really great stuff. Animation and physics are really impressive and have a lot of care put into it. The jazzy soundtrack and overall tone really makes this a fun, sexy experience. The only thing one could wish for is of course more. Not necessarily in this game since you seem to have moved on from it, but in general for any future sequel or similar project. More clothing options, especially for lingerie/socks/stockings/leggings, ESPECIALLY colour customization. More tape gag variety, different glasses, more hair options, hair colours, etc. A bunch of other accessories would be great too like chokers, bow- and neckties, necklaces, pendants, buttplugs, earrings etc. It doesn't need to be massive, but with just enough customization, it shifts from a "simple" game into a great little toybox, and the core here is great fun and really hot.

Definitely please look into adding an invert mouse option into this or any future projects, it's pretty necessary for a lot of us, and shouldn't hopefully be too hard to include.


This seems like the perfect game for me, but any chance of adding an invert mouse (y-axis) option?

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The best Bondage Game Ever made!

If you accept a sugestion, i have a little ones:

1 - Enable HogTie 3 (Crossed legs with hogtie)

2 - Enable Chair Tie 2 (Crossed legs in Chartie)

3 - Enable Chair Tie 3 (Crossed legs, hogtie in Chartier, yeah i realy like play a harder experience, i love the vulnerability sensation both in Real life and game experience)

4 - Makes the color of lingirie editable as the rest of cloth.

Here come another sugestion's, can come in a DLC:

1 - More cloths, i realy like play using a tight shiny spandex legging in a topless.

2 - Add New Panties, especialy the small ones.

3 - Made more levels, this game is perfect! o realy, realy love. I want play more.

4 - Add a crouch rope, when girl is tied using a crouch moan more and haver half stamina.


Hmmm. is there a 'breathplay' aspect to it? have to escape be bagged by the burglar? 


Hey! Just bought the game. Excited to play, but I'm on a laptop with no mouse. How do I move the legs? Spacebar and left or right click don't seem to do it. Thank


I love E:FO! Thanks for your effort. :)

Do you have any plans on updting the game or adding more content?
Or are you working on another project?
Just checked your prototypes and am wondering.

Again, thank you! :)


Hi there! I love, love, love this game. What are your plans for future development? I have a couple of ideas regarding multiplayer play as well outfits and themes. 


Thanks, you can share ideas in a personal message on Deviantart or Patreon or in the comments on Patreon.

as much as i want to play this game but i can't because it keeps coming up with dx11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine. I have a lenovo laptop with 8gb ram but only got intel hd graphics 3000. that means theres no way i can play it right?

I'm having issues with the hopping in level 4, keep getting yeeted like crazy and can't get to the knife


Will you be adding new content to the game? I would love to see new characters and clothes / shoes.

You will be able to add your own content or create your own scenarios with robbers(I miss it so much :( )

Maybe you could add a mod for the game.

I love your games and look forward to seeing the next updates.

Good luck!

Still trying to make it run on my computer.  Still trying to find solutions to the error I keep getting.  I may have to take it in to the shop for a different card. 

does anyone know if you can reset the game so you can unlock all the gags and colours again?

You need to delete the save .


what if i bought it on steam?

Prehaps in "my documents" ?


Is this game still updated?

its pretty much perfect, but i would like if the ropes could wrap around the chest like the tape does, or if we could select cross ankles hogtie and chair tie. so hogtie3 and chair tie2. i believe the assets are already there

(2 edits) (+3)

Actually theres a bug that can let you do that (cross legs + chair), play stage 37, back to main menu then custom rules, but DO NOT change the binding rules, on the list it will show as blank

(1 edit)

Is there a way to make her clothes and tape gag a little bit more see through just like in the photos?

guys in level 26 if you arrested 3 times in 4 you get mummified but is difficult to escape can some help how to escape when she is mummified

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Great job on the game! You probably already considered this but it may or may not be low-hanging fruit to make an alternate version where you are a thug and need to catch the girl but don't have a gun. You could reverse positions with the later levels starting from 26 or so, then add some animations and alternate controls etc. If you get caught she screams and game over or she can try running to the exit if she sees you and if you don't catch her in time an alarm goes off. I definitely love the game as is but definitely find almost all bondage games out there are about being the hunted and trying to escape and not be found rather than being the hunter trying to find the damsel. I would be more than willing to buy that kind of thing as DLC or even as a standalone game! I don't know how to make games so sorry if I'm over-simplifying the level of effort. 


so more R to reposttion it will also use the reposiotn were youre feed are :P so u can move with R if u want  ^^ 

Deleted 1 year ago

C:\Users\(your name)\AppData\Local

Deleted 1 year ago

Has anyone run into this error when trying to download proto files:  Error: JSON-RPC error 12000: itch.ioAPI error (400): games/611164: invalid game.  Any solutions to this?

Hey , Everyone

In Level 26 when model was caught by thung 3 time , you will be mummified

how to escape form mummified

you can't ! basically an animated game over screen ;) 

you can escape but it is very difficult


Use unstuck function and try to catch the item on the way down.

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is there going to be anymore updates? would love some new levels


is there an announcement of what will be done next?


Hi Alex,

I have purchased this game in stream platform, and tried the game.

I have finished all 38 level, below is my comment.

- This game is interesting and I will keep recommend this game to my friend and other Damsel in distress lover.

- The model in this game is sexy.

- If you have new version game like "Forced overtime 2" or extra map for "forced overtime", I am sure I will buy it as well.

And I have below suggestion to the coming version game.

1, Suggestion different level can have different occupation. (Not only the same office lady.)

Like: detective, school student, fight attendent.

2, Suggestion different level can have different story base. 

For example: 

junior level (1~5): can be happened in office

Senior level (5~10): home invasion, thief get in a home and take up the lonely girl.

Senior level (11~20): Sexy detective being kidnapped when she investigating a case in some apartment.

3, The way that thief control the victim:

The exiting version is just the thief control the victim by gun.

and suggest newer version can be, make some scene that thief chloform the victim.

(Showing the thief chloroform the victim , and next scene is victim start to wake up)

4, About the thief re-capture the victim:

In existing version, if victim re-captured by thief, thief will hot-tie the victim.

- I suggest the can use different tie up method after re-capture. such as: first time is hog-tie.

may be second time can be tied up to chair.

5, one more suggestion is suggest the thief is handsome guy.

Such as in some level, thief has Sexual intercourse with victim.

(suggestion need not need the sexual intercourse video, 

we just need to add some sense like, thief take a condom and say: hi lady, let's have fun...

the switch to other scene, that the victim has been tape again and tie up.

And thief though away the condom package. ) 

Look forward to the version 2 or extra package for download.


I been thinking of something similar regarding different damsel types.  My ideas have been posted on the Patreon page:  https://www.patreon.com/m/518190/community

i have checked your link, I like the party girl the most.

and i hope u guys can add one more damsel like attached link:

From my point of view, some audience enjoy capture some tough and sexy woman.
such as the ada wong in resident evil:

such damsel for home invasion story also good.


Hi Alex,

I've played Bondage Nightmare and the Demo of this game and (as I already commented on the first game) I have a problem with the camera control.

Can you add the option to invert the mouse Y-axis?

I'm hoping this only needs little effort and if so, could you also update Bondage Nightmare and Motel Bondage (which I also like to buy) with this?

It's really a very important feature for us inverted gamers :).


hello are you planning to update this game with new levels & mechanics? i think nobody will complain if you are planning to implement them in a separate game (vibrator, traps & all the other good idea that are mentioned here) 

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