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This is a simulator of shibari suspension. Hang the elf girl as you like!

SPASE - A pause during which you can add ropes. You can control ropes in the lower left part of the screen

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsAdult, bdsm, blindfold, bondage, Erotic, gag, gagged, shibari, suspension, tied


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i love shibari, and this one seems so calming, next time, i'll pick it up, but thank you for the wonderful demonstration ^.^

So, I'm gonna go ahead and assume you're not going to update this game any more? Not going to complain about it if you've given up on this one, I just kind of want a definitive answer, seeing as this game is one of the... only games I even look into updates for anymore, even though it hasn't been.


I like this game and I plan to develop this idea. I experiment with the update, but in the near future there will be no update. Perhaps instead of updating there will be a new game.

Finally got the game again after a while and, honestly, this game has so much potential to be more than just what it is. I still do wish there were more options to bindings than the regular one, perhaps a toggle or switch for different bindings on different locations on the body or something... Still, the game as it is is actually such a zen thing for me, just a character with some goofy physics and some ropes.

hello my name is sidra and i am big fan of your game can you tell me how did you make this amazing game what engine did you used to make this game can you tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Welp, glad i grabbed it when it was free then, i guess, lmao

The new update is a sort of mixed bag. the new challenge levels were very interesting, albeit a bit frustrating. I feel, though, that the new system of attaching the ropes, the fact that it takes two separate clicks, is a bit annoying. I do like the new character, though, and the ability to have a clothed model is a neat feature.

The concept of this is really neat, though i do wish there would be an option to start with the character just having the ropes around the major points (wrists, ankles, knees, neck, elbows) and to be able to perhaps just hang them by their wrists/ ankles, maybe also to be able to put their ankles or wrists together, just locally, that sort of thing?

Yes, I thought about it. I'll try to do something like that, but later

I don't quite understand the question, do you want more clothes or less? If less then unfortunately it will look ugly. Fuse models have nothing between their legs.

Great game. Can you add the option of stripping her naked?

Yes the request was for less -- just as an option